Editorial: Explorations of Out-of-hours Primary Care (OOH-PC) in Romania - Anthroart

Approached from a health policy and system perspective, out-of-hours primary care (OOH-PC) in Romania illustrates the multiple challenges brought about by the neoliberal transformation of healthcare. Ranging from 0 to 32 out-of-hours centres per county, this unequal territorial distribution leads to significant county-to-county disparities in patient access. The patchy measures of subsequent policy for after-hours care failed to address the heart of the matter: transforming the organisational model to compensate for the growing workforce shortages and to improve working conditions in primary care, as well as to tackle the highly variable outcomes of county health governance and increase the accountability for maintaining public infrastructures that ensure accessibility and equity.

Exhibited at "The Art of Observation" at University of Manchester in the UK

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