Draw for Dogs is a charity project where I, along with other artists who wish to join me, are drawing portraits together in exchange of donations for the duration of the whole of month of September every year.

In total, during the five years since the existence of the project, I've done 210 portraits out of 327. Other 117 were done by ~50 other artists since 2017

Beside drawing portraits, I also put together a visual identity to communicate the campaign's goals and personality to the public, and invite them to donate. This helped the campaign gain the trust of the public through consistency and fun visuals.

Since 2017, Draw for Dogs has raised £5,694 ($7,590) and I will continue to organize it as an yearly tradition.

Check out Draw for Dogs on Instagram and Facebook to see all the portraits created by the many other talented generous illustrators throughout the years.

You can also check their portfolios by clicking the links included in the description of the portraits.

© Maks Graur