First sexual consent campaign in Moldova

CIRES is the first sexual consent campaign in the Republic of Moldova.

The name is an acronym that stands for Conscious, Informed, Reversible, Enthusiastic, and Specific, which are the main elements that form consent. This acronym also means Cherry in Romanian, speakers of which are part of our main audience.

My role in this project was brainstorming and coming up with the concept and name of the campaign that would best reach a teenage audience, and based on that, building the visual identity from the ground up.

The materials I prepared included:
Visual identity, website in three languages, header illustration, set of icons, portraits of the team, social media assets, illustrations for 8 categories of posts, and 15 personalized illustrations for various topics.

The project is founded within the program of mini grants “Moldova against discrimination”
by Platform for Gender Equality, through Gender-Center, ERIM, GENDERDOC-M and the European Union.

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